A.I. | Hello Computer: Do my work.

It is 2024 — AI is a common topic…everywhere.
It is either “the most amazing thing” or the scary elephant in the room.

For me: I think it is honestly both and a myriad of so many other things. Those who chose not to embrace it, will be left behind.

Cautionary Road Ahead

AI has many wonderful “powers”, but it should be remembered that at the end of the day…AI is not an all knowing wizard of spitting out 100% accurate information.

AI is more predictive than prescriptive.

AI is great at making good guesses, often great guesses. Using different datasets and compute power — It can statistically give the correct answers. Especially in fields where the “rules” are more rigid.

It does make mistakes. Some are so bad that they are referred to as “hallucinations”.

AI can learn and improve over time, it doesn’t know everything and human intervention is required in a lot of cases.

When will AI just do everything?

The timeline for that is still TBD.

AI gaining sentient abilities could be end of this year or could be 2030. It will vary based inputs and outputs greatly, but my bet is on 2026 or earlier.